Objectives Objectives

The objectives of the project e-IRGSP5 are:

  • to support e-IRG and its structures with secretarial services
    • to operate the secretariat for the e-IRG, e.g. organisation of events and provision of secretarial support to the e-IRG Chair and Executive Board, etc.;
  • to provide policy support for all e-IRG documents
    • to support all e-IRG working groups and task forces;
    • to provide editorial support during the preparation of policy documents, input to the Commission, and other e-IRG documents;
  • to work on the collection, aggregation and analysis of policy information related to e- Infrastructures
    • to collect and aggregate relevant policy information with impact on the development of EC funded e-infrastructures, including KPIs and cost-related information;
    • to coordinate the above mentioned collection of policy information with the EU- funded e-infrastructure initiatives;
    • to publish the collected policy information in an open format;
  • to disseminate the e-IRG and e-IRGSP5 results and liaise with key stakeholders
    • to liaise with e-IRG's various stakeholders;
    • to maintain e-IRG's social media channels;
    • to communicate e-IRG's output and
    • to operate the external and internal e-IRG web presence.